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Single Core Tight Buffer Steel Tape Armored Flexi Fiber Optic

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Armour single core and bi-core optical cable consist of stainless steel spiral pipe wrapped closely optical fiber, Kevlar and
outer jacket. The optical cable possesses excellent mechanical characteristics and is easy to wiring and process further and is
good transmission medium in telecommunication field. The product is widely used for national communication, broadcast and
television system, building intelligence control, electric power control system, traffic communication system, Intracity networks
and local area network.
Process armoured jumper
Lay out directly optical cable along with indoor wall, ceil,
interlayer and conduit connection
Indoor level wiring, vertical wiring inside building
Communication wiring of army field fight
Oilfield, mining operation, radar, etc communication
Comply with standard YD/T 1258.2-2003、ICEA-596、GR-409、IEC 60794-2-10/11,etc;and meet the requirements of
ULapproval for OFNR and OFNP.

Transport/Storage/Operating Temperature:-20℃~+60℃,Installation Temperature:-5℃~+50℃