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Employment Opportunities
Become a member of the successful and dedicated team at Jiangsu Xinghai Cable Co., Ltd, offers excellent career opportunities to candidates who are driven by a positive attitude and the desire to succeed. The company is rapidly growing and continues to enhance its broad range of top-performing cable and connectivity products for a worldwide customer base. We are committed to offering our employees opportunities for professional growth through challenging assignments, interactive training and collaborative team environments. Our objective is to provide our associates with the tools and experience to expand their breadth of knowledge and experience making them and Xinghai successful.,3807086785&fm=23&gp=0.jpg
Jiangsu Xinghai Cable offers a very generous benefits package that includes competitively priced, yet comprehensive, medical coverage options and dental coverage; Life insurance, disability insurance, as well as generous paid time off and holiday schedules.

Our Employment Commitment,2305491461&fm=23&gp=0.jpgWe embrace diversity in our community and in our workplace.
We are firmly committed to providing equal employment opportunity to everyone without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, and veteran or other protected status.
We are proud that our affirmative action efforts set an example for our communities.
We are proud to support charitable organizations and participate in community activities which enhance the quality of life for our employees and local residents.
We are proud to offer excellent service and an expanding line of high quality products that are sold around the world.
We are proud of our strategic business initiatives that create opportunities for our employees.
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Application Deadline
For application of a position, please send your CV to us:
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or post to us: Human Resource Dept. NO139 Xingfang, Xingdong Road, Yangxiang Town Yixing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China Tel: +86-510-87266268    Fax: +86-510-87264198,1852358493&fm=23&gp=0.jpg